Our Company was founded in the year 2004 through Mr. Antonio Frangie. In 2004 we were able to organize the transport for 4000 cars to West-Africa. Through our good service we were able to raise the amount in 2011 and 2012 above 60000 units. In the year 2008 we started to do precarriage transports with our own trucks and we were able to add every year a new truck to our fleet. At the moment we operate 5 own trucks.

Frangie Internationale Spedition GmbH is one of the biggest RORO freight forwarder in Europe.


We shipped over 63000 vehicles in year 2011.
We shipped over 67000 vehicles in year 2012.

We shipped over 63000 vehicles in year 2013.
We shipped over 65000 vehicles in year 2014.
We shipped over 65500 vehicles in year 2015.
We shipped over 33000 vehicles in year 2016.
We shipped over 38000 vehicles in year 2017.
We shipped over 49000 vehicles in year 2018.

The year 2016 was eventful and full of unrest: the US Elections, Brexit, the war in Syria and Iraq, Cyberattacks, Terrorist attacks in Europe and the waves of Immigrants that flooded the EU.
Another contributing factor was the low Oil price, which led to a reduced import rate for all main oil exporters such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
All these events played a pivotal role in the reduction of our Business. Nevertheless, we do have the confidence that the New Year will be calmer and better, thus paving the way for the improvement of our business dealings.
Our Company is well-placed in the Industry and we will continue to stand by our clients’ side, ready to lend our Expertise and vast Experience.





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